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ScubaGEN Bohey Dulang Island
Visit the research centre for marine life such as giant clamp. An half a hour of trekking will br..
ScubaGEN Kapalai Island
Build on the shallow reef in the middle of the ocean, you will surely get to enjoy the spectacula..
ScubaGEN Mabul Island
Alongside with the amazing diving, Mabul island come with the local cultures of bajau laut, exper..
ScubaGEN Mantabuan Island
Get away from the crowd and enjoy the beaches with your friend   Itinerary: 08:0..
ScubaGEN Mataking Island
The jewel of semporna, private island of '1island 1resort', the cleanest among all with the amazi..
ScubaGEN Pom Pom Island
The island with only 4resorts with plenty of spaces on the beaches for you to lay and play. &..
ScubaGEN Sibuan Island
Magical island with the real white sandy beach. Explore Sibuan for more excitement of your dive t..
ScubaGEN Timba Timba Island
Dive one of the best un-known island off semporna. Located approximately 40mins off the coast, Ti..
Scubapro A1
The new A1 is a single gas nitrox dive computer designed for new divers and casual recreatio..
RM2,999.00 RM2,399.00
Scubapro AIR 2- 5th Gen Alternate Inflator (With Hose)
In 1979 SCUBAPRO created the concept of integrating a second stage regulator and a balanced i..
RM1,300.00 RM1,065.00
Scubapro Aladin One Matrix
IDEAL FOR DIVING SCHOOLS AND BASES! PLUS: • Nitrox compatible 21-50% in 1% increments ..
RM1,930.00 RM1,550.00
Scubapro CARAVAN Bag
The Caravan will cart your dive gear safely and conveniently, no matter where in the world yo..
RM1,200.00 RM1,055.00
Scubapro CLASSIC Adventure 2
A fantastic product that has been trusted by customers deeply for a quarter of century...
RM4,999.00 RM4,158.00
Exclusive paint process   • Patented single lens with seamless side window design ..
RM380.00 RM325.00
Scubapro DELTA Club 5mm
An easy-to-wear zippered boot in  5 mm thickness, for temperate and cold water diving. ..
RM299.00 RM270.00
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