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IST 2.5mm Super Stretch glove
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5-finger gloves made from single-lined soft, high-stretch neoprene. The inside is covered in..
RM139.00 RM125.00
IST 2mm Tropical Glove
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Tropical Glove 2MM 2mm neoprene glove Velcro closure SIZES: XS, S, M, L,..
RM99.00 RM89.00
IST 5mm Sneaker Sole
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The IST New Diving Boots S65 is designed comfortable, durable with a great grip sneaker sole..
RM289.00 RM259.00
IST Air Cell
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Dolphin Tech 30LB/40LB Air Cell for Single Tank Style: Circular doughnut Buoyancy c..
RM1,099.00 RM989.00
IST Aircell 65lb
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IST 65lb/29.5kg Twin Bladder Air Cell Style: Horseshoe - Buoyancy capacity: 65lbf (29.5kgf)..
RM3,199.00 RM2,879.00
IST Belt Buckle
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BB Belt Buckle Plastic Durable plastic buckle   BB-3 Belt Buck..
RM17.00 RM16.00
IST Bluetech Mask
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BLUETECH was designed to fit a wide range of facial profile with comfort. Its hypoallergenic and ..
RM160.00 RM145.00
IST CPR Resuscitation Mask
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Mask for use when performing emergency breathing or CPR  Constructed of flexible h..
RM65.00 RM59.00
IST DIN/YOKE Converter
Based on 0 reviews.
Din/Yoke Converter ..
RM165.00 RM149.00
IST Dive Flag
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RM35.00 RM33.00
IST Diver Below Buoy
Based on 0 reviews.
Surface market with international diving flag. ..
RM118.00 RM106.00
IST Diver's Holster
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Made form 3mm neoprene Gives extra storage space to carry additional gear. Additional D-r..
RM199.00 RM179.00
IST Diver's Roller Bag
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Accommodate 2 sets of adult-size BCDs, 2 sets of regulators, 2 adult size 7mm full suits..
RM899.00 RM799.00
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This is a traditional jacket style BCD which provides all the basic requirements a diver need..
RM980.00 RM880.00
IST K-09 Stainless knife
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13.5cm (5 3/8”) long 420 grade stainless steel pointed-tip blade. Steel but..
RM175.00 RM157.00
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