The shark friend survey

The shark friend survey

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Be a shark’s friend and listen to their voices. If only sharks were able to communicate with humans, most probably the first word will be ‘Lets be friends’. Shark friend came with the purposes of listening to the sharks as a friend, not as predators or dangerous creatures. There are many organizations trying to save sharks but where are we at today? We are still at the same square trying to blame the fishing industry and trying to stop people from eating shark fin soup. Instead, we can sacrifice our ego and start educating ourselves by listening to them. What do they want and how do they feel when we interfere with their territory and reefs? Have we, the cleverest and most creative creatures on earth thought about this? 

The Shark friend program will be focusing on research to attract sharks and make them stay near local reefs and educating locals to be friends with the sharks. The key to protecting sharks is not to enact heavy laws or start wars but create awareness through long term and integrative education. In order to make this successful, everyone must play a role. In education, the important elements include protecting and growing our reefs, monitoring human activities, and continuing scientific research. By educating people, as time goes by, sharks may procreate and live freely, thereby benefitting local industry and businesses via shark tourism. 

The Shark friend program is designed with sustainability in mind since we want to contribute to the highest level of awareness in the future. We would like to invite local and international organization (or individuals) to support us to realize the program. 

We aim to be the leader in shark conservation through joint efforts internationally. As divers or snorkelers, we are by nature ambassadors to the underwater world. Shark friend will guide you by providing you the techniques and knowledge in every shark dive, do research and collect data for future references. 



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