Scubapro S-TEK Spinner Spools
  • Scubapro S-TEK Spinner Spools

Scubapro S-TEK Spinner Spools

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  • Spinner discs remain static while the spool spins, so the spool will not rotate out of your hand like normal spools can.
  • Design allows for a secure, comfortable grip while playing out line.
  • Easily adjust tension on the line by squeezing the spinner discs together, forming a disc brake effect.
  • Made of durable injection-molded fiberglass reinforced nylon with stainless steel axle and screws.
  • Body of the spool is designed so that it can be easily clipped off to a bolt snap.
  • Includes a stainless steel bolt snap.
  • Customise the colour of your spinner disc with Spinner Spool Colour Kits (sold separately)
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