IST Aircell 65lb

IST Aircell 65lb

Brand: IST Proline
Product Code: JT-65
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RM2,000.00 RM1,799.00

IST 65lb/29.5kg Twin Bladder Air Cell

These double-layer buoyancy air cells are made with special 3 dimensional panel construction, which are streamlined and can achieve the lift capacity without increasing much resistance.

The outer shell is constructed from tear resistant, 1680 denier ballistic nylon and its durable anti-corrosion zip encloses the replaceable inner air cell inside, which is made from 420 denier TPU material. The inflator hose and dump valve’s cut outs in the outer shell are urethane protected from fraying. The circular air cell design eliminates the chance of gas being trapped thus providing technical divers with precise buoyancy control any time during a dive mission.
The JT-65 is strictly designed for twin tank use (with tank service capacity up to 95 cuft / 15L internal volume). The standard inflator is 13” elbow but 16” elbow, 19” elbow or IF-301 rapid exhaust (pull dump) inflator are available separately.

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